works by other artists that get me thinking…

  • Making Lemonade As Fast As I F**king can

    Okay, hi-dee-ho, time for another post from the wacky-weirdness of hellafunkadella. Let’s see, we’re working on moving mom into a nursing home! There’s a happy topic? Actually, not so good. How about the news that some old CNN friends being laid off? One after working at the network for 25 YEARS! Ick. No fun there. […]

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  • Story Masters! 120 Brains Explode Simultaneously — Bring it on!

    Dateline: Houston, Texas at the Double Tree Hotel, the one that gives out cookies Event: Story Masters! Over 120 of us eager beavers gathered in a ballroom with barely enough outlets to power up all the laptops. There were a few skirmishes, but no bloodletting that I could see. That came when the workshop kicked […]

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  • I am a Princess…and I pack like one

    Yes, sports fans. I have a confession to make. For those of you who don’t know me so well, I must tell you … I am a Princess. I must surround myself with all the lovely things that make me happy. And, I have to bring them all with me. For grins, I decided to […]

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