works by other artists that get me thinking…

  • Trust: the most important tool in the writer’s pencil case

    Trust. Don’t trust me, trust yourself. Many of my writer pals are gearing up for National Vomit on the Page Month. Sorry, that is my snarky way of describing NaNoWriMo – National Write a Novel Month. The goal is to write every day during the month of November and by the end of the month […]

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  • Some “Kids in the Hall” love

    Hi everyone, I thought for fun, I’d post one of my favorite “Kids in the Hall” skits with Scott Thompson as Raj and Mark McKinney as Christine. I always thought Mark was the “prettiest” of all the kids. Enjoy!

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  • If Carl Jung had ever discovered scrapbooking…

    Okay, one of my favorite artists/teachers is Carl Jung. You may know that he hung out with Freud for about five years and then they parted ways. After the “break” up Jung took some time to develop many of the theories he is now famous for, archtypes, the collective unconscious, and individuation. During this time, […]

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