if Carl Jung had ever discovered the joy of scrapbooking
The first in a series of scrapbooking ideas.

Okay, one of my favorite artists/teachers is Carl Jung. You may know that he hung out with Freud for about five years and then they parted ways. After the “break” up Jung took some time to develop many of the theories he is now famous for, archtypes, the collective unconscious, and individuation. During this time, he made many notes and he later put them together, along with gorgeous illustrations in his Lebre Novus also known as the Red Book.

This is one of what will be a series of my silly slant. What if Carl Jung had discovered the joys of scrapbooking when he was putting together his opus? It’s an interesting juxtaposition, don’t you think?

What do you think? Do you have any favorite Carl Jung quotes that you’d like to see illustrated in this manner? Just let me know. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t let the shadow drag you around by your tail.  Cheers, rachel