• Ten Commandments of Independent Publishing Part Deaux

    Aloha friends, I’m back with the next set of commandments for those pursuing independent publishing. Let’s go ahead and jump in at the deep end of the pool. Thou shalt own “yourname.com” and build your own email list.   This falls under the category of learning how to start and manage your author business as […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week 16 & a Drawing for a Drawing

    Aloha all, I hope your week is off to a good start. It’s taken me another week to catch up after our “Celebration for Mr. Nak” extravaganza. But I’ve gotten back on track with the drawings. I found I was getting too caught up with wanting to make my drawings to be “exactly” as the […]

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  • Gr8tful4: The Last Days with Mom

    I began writing posts about dealing with my mother’s Parkinson’s disease last year and want to tell you about our last few days together. In a earlier post I talked about how important it is to talk about death and dying while we all still have our wits about us and can’t begin to tell […]

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