What reminds me to be grateful for my wonderful life.

  • Gr8tful4: The Last Days with Mom

    I began writing posts about dealing with my mother’s Parkinson’s disease last year and want to tell you about our last few days together. In a earlier post I talked about how important it is to talk about death and dying while we all still have our wits about us and can’t begin to tell […]

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  • How To: Throw Your Wake BEFORE You Die

    Hello friends, first off many apologies for being in hibernation for so long. After our last episode, you know mom’s health took a turn. But after much rest and the wonderful care she is receiving at her care home, she is on the mend. On New Year’s day, she announced that she wanted to have […]

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  • Gr8tful4: That My New Chair Found Me

    Okay, so last Monday, I was lamenting the failure of my chair. How it failed to keep my fat ass suspended in space at the proper level, that I might get some work done. And how my inability to work, sent me to my bookshelf and re-read a favorite poem by Pablo Neruda. Well this […]

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