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I'm Rachel Funk Heller

Welcome to my very own piece of internet real estate. Grab a cup of your favorite bevy and make yourself comfortable. 

I write plot-twisty mysteries blended with themes from ancient mystical wisdom, with a dash of modern whimsy. I’m so happy that you chose to stop by. Welcome!

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What I write

I love a good mystery, and I’m intrigued by all ancient technologies: astrology, numerology, cartomancy. So, I blend my two passions to create densely plotted mysteries that all feature adventures in the metaphysical.

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The author

Meet Rachel

I’ve always been a sucker for a good story...

All the experts say that my “About” page should include my 100 – 300 word professional bio, written in third person. Here goes:

Rachel Funk Heller has over 30 years of experience working in broadcast news, television and film production, along with many years working in community theatre in Hawaii.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Hawaii she worked as an Associate Producer at CNN in Atlanta, Georgia and in Washington, DC.

Upon returning to Hawaii she worked as a free-lance television writer, producer, director, editor, and graphic designer on various projects, many for the Hawaii Department of Education.

But it really all began at a kitchen table...


types of tea on my kitchen counter


dog walks
and counting


certificates of completion from truby story university


unused notebooks begging to be used

stay tuned

Coming Soon

The Eclipse Killer

A San Francisco astrologer and a skeptical detective team up to unravel a twisted series of ritualistic
murders connected to a charismatic cult leader’s sinister plot to harness cosmic energy during a total solar

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