What the heck is the “Mr. Spock School of Forbidden Love” you ask? And what could it possibly have to do with the hunka-burnin’ man love we know as Aaron Hotchner or “Hotch” on the CBS television show, “Criminal Minds.” Well here goes.
Back in the day…. Way back. When the original “Star Trek” was on the air, from 1966 to 1969 (I have memories of my older brother tuning in, I wasn’t all that interested, I wanted to watch “I Dream of Genie.” I only later discovered the show in re-runs) it was discovered that the ladies really dug Mr. Spock. He was the hottie-de-jour. A bonafide “sex symbol” In his memoir, “I Am Not Spock,” Leonard Nimoy there is a discussion about the subject. It seems Mr. Nimoy was a some panel discussion and the subject came up of why was Spock so popular with the ladies, considering he was a half-human and half-Vulcan who controlled his emotions and lived by logic alone. That “mating” for Vulcans was a difficult affair that involved the “blood fever” and during the episodes, it was obvious that Mr. Spock was seeing no “action.” That pursuing any type of female companionship would be “highly illogical.”
And that was precisely the reason why women were so attracted to him. The hypothesis being that the only woman who could get Mr. Spock’s attention, would have to be some incredibly powerful female. And that all of the female viewers of the show, each of them knew in their heart of hearts, that she was THE woman. That she was the only one who could melt that tough Vulcan exterior and she was the only one who had the power to expose Mr. Spock’s vulnerability. That she was the one he would feel safe enough with to expose all those deep emotions.
Today, on “Criminal Minds,” we see a similar character in Aaron Hotchner. He is an alpha male, an F.B.I. Profiler with dark, mysterious eyes, and a burning stare. He rarely smiles, he is all about hunting down the “unsubs.” The writers have conveniently killed off his wife, but have left him as the single father raising his young son, Jack.
This puts Aaron Hotchner squarely in the Mr. Spock School of Forbidden Love, because I bet you any amount of money that the lady viewers watch the show, not for the intriguing story lines or to see if the serial-killer-of-the-week gets his comeuppance. Oh no, we want to see what’s happening with Hotch.

None of the other female characters have a chance with him. Every now and then they write bits for Hotch to interact with the resident computer genius, Penelope Garcia, and we can see she is in thrall with Agent Hotchner. But, the show producers are smart enough to keep the office romance out of the picture. And if they are really smart, they will not throw any new women Hotch’s way. Because we will hate, hate, hate her. Hotch is ours, he belongs to us. We don’t want to watch any other lesser babe getting any of that hot Hotch action. We will continue to worship him in silence, dreaming of the day when he will be ours alone.
What do you think? Are there any other members of the “Mr. Spock School of Forbidden Love” out there that you are lusting over? Who are your favorites? Is Aaron Hotchner the only reason you have to watch “Criminal Minds”? Thanks for stopping by and I hope you live long and prosper.