works by other artists that get me thinking…

  • Of Queens, Jewels, Brave Straight Actors, and Fun with Belle

    Hi Peeps, Can you believe it is February already? On this Groundhogs day (work with me on this one) I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite Queens. Don’t ask why, it’s something for us princesses to strive for.  As I am feverishly beating my new novel into shape, I thought I’d gift you all […]

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  • What Mark W. Travis Taught Me About Being Naive

    I got some wonderful responses from everyone about my 8,000 words a day experiment. But now I have a big problem. All I want to do is play with my new toy, this huge, unwieldy mass of creative stuff. There are characters I never heard of, I have to find out what the hell they […]

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  • 8,000 Words a Day… Failure or Success? You Make the Call

    This is the follow up on my new year’s challenge: to write 8,000 words a day for ten days. I was inspired to do this after reading Rachel Aaron’s post of how she upped her word count from 2,000 words a day to 10,000 words a day. I had been keeping track of my writing […]

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