Yes, sports fans. I have a confession to make. For those of you who don’t know me so well, I must tell you … I am a Princess. I must surround myself with all the lovely things that make me happy. And, I have to bring them all with me.

contents of suitcase

For grins, I decided to dump out everything from my suitcase and computer bag when I arrived at my hotel room in Houston. I mean seriously. Did you notice the bag of snacks, along with three tiny bottles of stevia to keep my ice tea nice and sweet the way I like it? Did you notice I bring my own Starbucks “personal” cup and sachets filled with powdered green tea, and chai latte? Also how there are four pairs of pants and four shirts that all mix and match? They are matching tones of olive and gray and you can’t see it but that tapestry bag at the top of the bed is filled with jewelry that also matches all the tops. Also note the gym shoes, shorts and workout shirt that will probably not get used, but one likes to think they will.

contents of computer bag

I am a creature of comfort and proud of it. What I didn’t show you was the re-usable grocery bag filled with three — count ‘em — three different blow up pillows: one for your feet, one for your neck, and one for your lower back. All of which came in mighty handy on the 7- hour flight from Honolulu. I managed to get a window seat in the back, and there was no one sitting in the aisle seat so I was able to cocoon myself and get some shut eye.

It’s pathetic, but I’m here attending a four-day workshop and need to be sharp and alert to fill my brain with all this great new knowledge. I’m not so good at being alert when suffering from jetlag and sleep deprivation.

So, tell me, what are you absolute must-have travel essentials? Teddy bear? Fluffy Pillow? Gin and Tonic? I love hearing from you guys.