Rachel Funk Heller

Rachel Funk Heller began her career as a journalist and worked as an independent television writer/producer for over two decades. She's worked for a variety of industry clients as well as the Hawaii State Department of Education. She is a former CNN producer who worked in both the Atlanta headquarters and the Washington D.C. bureau. She is the creator of "The Writer's Coloring Book®" check it out at writerscoloriningbook.com

  • Transformation is a Bitch, Ask My Tooth

    This year is turning out to be a year of commitment and major transformations, along with producing a new drawing every day, I’m still writing,  I’m continuing the work that I’ve done with my trainer Sherry and I’ve started a new weight loss program working with a nutritionist. I’ve also begun a new meditation practice […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week Seven

    And yes, it is Wednesday, and yes, I have blown my deadline. Le Sigh.  But I have been working, but I have also started working with a nutritionist, to help me lose weight, I’ve begun meditating again, and I’ve increased my time at the gym. All good excuses, but I’m going to have be a […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week Six

    I think I’m getting into the swing of things. Our topic this week in drawing class: flowers. We were supposed to bring a flower and a vase and of course I forgot mine. Luckily a class mate offered to let me look at her set-up and I was depressed to see Daisies. It’s not that […]

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