Rachel Funk Heller

Rachel Funk Heller began her career as a journalist and worked as an independent television writer/producer for over two decades. She's worked for a variety of industry clients as well as the Hawaii State Department of Education. She is a former CNN producer who worked in both the Atlanta headquarters and the Washington D.C. bureau. She is the creator of "The Writer's Coloring Book®" check it out at writerscoloriningbook.com

  • It Was Time for a Make Over

    Aloha friends, Welcome to our new website, isn’t it gorgeous! I am lucky enough to work with a wonderful web designer, Laird Sapir at  memphismckay.com. After she did such an amazing job with writerscoloringbook.com I asked her to help give “le blog” a make-over and this is the result. Not only does she have a […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Okay Maybe Not

    Okay, so it’s week 25 and as you can see I have completely missed about a month’s worth of work. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I am okay with that. I realize I’d been coming up with excuse after excuse for not meeting my self imposed deadline and therein lies the rub. I […]

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