• More scrapbooking fun with…. Aldous Huxley in the House

    Hi All! Man, I hate to keep sounding like a downer, but we just had to have the talk with my mom about moving her into an Retirement home. Yippeee… Truth is, she realized the time had come and with hugs and tears between her, me and my husband, I’m sure we will all muddle […]

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  • Making Lemonade As Fast As I F**king can

    Okay, hi-dee-ho, time for another post from the wacky-weirdness of hellafunkadella. Let’s see, we’re working on moving mom into a nursing home! There’s a happy topic? Actually, not so good. How about the news that some old CNN friends being laid off? One after working at the network for 25 YEARS! Ick. No fun there. […]

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