• Learning to See by Learning to Draw

    After spending several months focusing on revising my novel, I figured I needed a break. As luck would have it, I completed my revisions in time to take advantage of the Honolulu Museum of  Art School’s fall semester. I’ve signed up for a Drawing class. I know, what on earth does drawing have to do […]

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  • Lunch at the Lo’i: An afternoon in a Hawaiian valley

    I should just start every blog post with the words, “I am such a lucky girl,” and it is so true, regarding the day I got to spend as part of the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, called “Fish & Poi: Lunch at the Lo’i” for my mainland friends, a  “lo’i” is a taro patch, […]

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  • Quiet Time: My Mother’s Next Step

    Hi Everyone, Several kind friends have asked how my mother is faring, after we had her wonderful wake, she is still with us, but she has come to a new crossroads. She has lost a great deal of weight in the last few months and spends most of the day in bed. Our previous visits […]

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