• I Live Such a Crappy Life… Really.

    Hello world! Yes, it’s been awhile, I’ve been such a laxidasical blogger, choosing to WORK rather than play with all my web pals. My apologies for abandoning you all, but if I ever want to hit you up to buy one of my books, I figure I want it to be damned worth both your […]

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  • Craftastic! Transforming $14.99 into — Hello Gorgeous!

    Hi peeps, sorry the blog has been quiet of late, but I’ve been churning away on the Work in Progress, more news of that later. And here’s some news about me, when I have the time (ha!) I do like to do me some craft projects. So, every now and then it’s fun to take […]

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  • Happy Friday From Our Furry Friends and an Overworked Writer

    Okay, all you writers say it with me, are there days when you are just DESPERATE??? Wanting to write a beautiful, thought-provoking blog post, but you are way, way, way behind working on your WIP and feel guilty, guilty, guilty??? That is the predicament I’m in. I am trudging through Act Two of my book, […]

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