Hello world!

Yes, it’s been awhile, I’ve been such a laxidasical blogger, choosing to WORK rather than play with all my web pals. My apologies for abandoning you all, but if I ever want to hit you up to buy one of my books, I figure I want it to be damned worth both your time and your money, hence the slaving away.

I know, I know, I should be BRANDING myself and PRIMAL BRANDING my PLATFORM and coming up with my icon and my creation myth and my ingenious ways to hook you poor souls and make you fall in love with me all over again. But you know, I agree with all of it, I think we all need to do those things, but as I have just turned 50 and in those 50 years on the planet, I’ve come to the great conclusion that if you like me that’s great… and if you don’t like me…. that’s not my problem.

But I do appreciate all the time you have given my by allowing your eyeballs to glance my way, so I thought I’d share with you some photos of a recent vacation trip that will allow you to love/hate me even more. As it turns out, one of my hubsters many talents includes being a member of the AICPA a group of wonderful people who just so happened to celebrate their 125th anniversary, and chose to celebrate said achievement in Washington D.C.

I got to tag along for the ride and unfortunately had to get all dolled up for the occasion.

The purple dress with sparkles

Yes, I had to undergo the torture of putting on a pretty dress, and jewelry and those shoes (see earlier post)! The event itself took place in the National Building Museum, one of my favorite places in D.C. It was held in the Grand Hall, which is an immense space,  as you can see from the following picture.

It’s Curtains!

As you can see the organizers went to some lengths to make the event look smashing. There was the bar:

in D.C. there always has to be a bar.

And they must have called ahead, because wouldn’t you know it, they used my high school colors — black and gold — when designing the table settings.

on the menu: Transperant Lobster Ravioli (I kid you not)

There was all the pomp, the circumstance of a formal event in our nation’s capital. They even had an eagle… seriously

doesn’t EVERYONE have a live eagle at their party?

Yes, after the Air Force Color Guard presented the colors and the trumpeter played the “Star Spangled Banner” a live eagle emerged from the wings (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and flew across from one balcony to the other. It was over the top!

I won’t tell you about the rest, it’s all just boring, there was a Senator who spoke and a three-course meal, and as we ate we had to put up with a 25-piece orchestra playing music. Seriously, I wouldn’t burden you with any more of this drivel. I include it all to say that I am a lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

I’d chose the eagle as my icon, but I think he’s already taken.

So, do you think this was swank enough for you? If you had the chance to get all dolled up where would you like to go? What image of “formal” events have you seen in the media or read in books that you think would be a worthy event to attend?

Thank you ALL so much for being patient with me. I’m so glad you stopped by and I promise, I will be a better blogger and check in more often. I missed you!!!