Hi peeps, sorry the blog has been quiet of late, but I’ve been churning away on the Work in Progress, more news of that later. And here’s some news about me, when I have the time (ha!) I do like to do me some craft projects. So, every now and then it’s fun to take up some other kind of creative project for a change of pace and because, well, I’m cheap. Hubster and I will be traveling soon and we will be attending a big time Black Tie Affair, so I needs to be dolled up for the event. The dress is bought, as are the earrings, but I was worried about the Shoes. I don’t do heels, my feet won’t let me wear them, so the dilema: finding a great pair of flats that fit with the dress.
Here is how I started, I bought these earrings just because they are great and were on sale.

Then I headed to my favorite shop for the budget conscious, it starts with an “R” and ends with to “SS’s” and found these, they are sortof a gladiator style, they are comfortable, which is a must, but they had these really ugly black beads very sloppily sewn to the top. You cant’ see it in the photo, but they were sewn on with some fishing line.

I realized I could cut off the ugly beads and replace them rather easily, as the shoes cost all of $14.99 so if I screw up it won’t be that bad.
I got the shoes home and then scrounged around in my bead supply basket, and lo and behold, I came up with some floral filigree things that look an awful lot like the earrings.

So, off with ugly black beads and I started stitching them on. The shoe leather was pretty soft, so it went easily.

So far, so good. I needed to figure out how to line them up along the top and fill in the rest so it would look unified.

I’m pretty happy with how they came out. I don’t expect to wear them all that often, but I’m very pleased with the result. Whattay think? New pedicure tops off the look.
Okay folks, what do you think? Would Cinderella be caught in these? Should I worry that the Fashion Police will come knocking on my door, giving me a citation for messing about? I love hearing from you, let me know if you have ever tried anything this goofy. Cheers!