• Astrology for Writers — It’s All About Aries!

    Spring has sprung, and on this the first, second, or third day of spring is a perfect time to continue our look at Astrology for Writers. At first I wanted to begin with the basics of charts and zodiacs and the symbols for all the planets, but I realized it’s a lot to throw out […]

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  • From Reader to Writer: The Driving Metaphor

    I do believe I have mentioned that I love reading “How To” books on writing. I have three shelves full of books with authors ranging from Chris Vogler and James Scott Bell, to Donald Maass and Robert J. Ray. But, in all of these wonderful works, I have yet to come across a discussion about […]

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  • Happy Friday From Our Furry Friends and an Overworked Writer

    Okay, all you writers say it with me, are there days when you are just DESPERATE??? Wanting to write a beautiful, thought-provoking blog post, but you are way, way, way behind working on your WIP and feel guilty, guilty, guilty??? That is the predicament I’m in. I am trudging through Act Two of my book, […]

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