• It’s Friday, That Must Mean More Nonsense From Me

    Hello hellacious cats and kittens, it’s the end of the working week for most, time to wind down and consider: What do  Huge Laurie, the Worst Album Covers of All Time, and Julia Child, all have in common? Nothing really, but you can find them all here. Enjoy! (WARNING, the Worst Album Covers of All […]

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  • Lucky 7 Meme, 11 Questions — A Day of Weirdness

    Hello my fine friends, there is mischief in the air. It seems some of my fellow blog mates have been up to no good. Alright, let the weirdness begin. I have been tagged by a couple of my fellow bloggers and have been asked to play along with the Lucky Seven Meme. So, as per […]

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  • Of Queens, Jewels, Brave Straight Actors, and Fun with Belle

    Hi Peeps, Can you believe it is February already? On this Groundhogs day (work with me on this one) I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite Queens. Don’t ask why, it’s something for us princesses to strive for.  As I am feverishly beating my new novel into shape, I thought I’d gift you all […]

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