Hello hellacious cats and kittens, it’s the end of the working week for most, time to wind down and consider: What do  Huge Laurie, the Worst Album Covers of All Time, and Julia Child, all have in common? Nothing really, but you can find them all here. Enjoy! (WARNING, the Worst Album Covers of All Time is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, there is nudity, and sexual innuendo…And titles such as, Cody Matherson’s hit album, “Can I borrow a Feelin’?” and Svetlana Gruebbersolvik’s “My Lips Were Made for Blowing.)

I came across this in an episode of “Inside the Actors Studio.” I mean we knew Hugh Laurie had talent, but come on, this is just freaking hilarious (for some reason, I can’t seem to get this video linked in here properly, so just click on Hugh’s name and it will take you to youtube)

Moving on, I was a big Julia Child fan from waaayy back. I used to watch her show on PBS with my parents, but I’m sure my parents could never have imagined this version.

I think that’s enough silliness to get your weekend rockin’, play safe and see you next week.