• A Drawing a Day: Week Seven

    And yes, it is Wednesday, and yes, I have blown my deadline. Le Sigh.  But I have been working, but I have also started working with a nutritionist, to help me lose weight, I’ve begun meditating again, and I’ve increased my time at the gym. All good excuses, but I’m going to have be a […]

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  • Gr8tful4: That My New Chair Found Me

    Okay, so last Monday, I was lamenting the failure of my chair. How it failed to keep my fat ass suspended in space at the proper level, that I might get some work done. And how my inability to work, sent me to my bookshelf and re-read a favorite poem by Pablo Neruda. Well this […]

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  • Gr8ful4: Mediocrity, Fear, and Why I’m Giving Up Sugar

    In the last month or so, I have found myself in some difficult situations that involve various levels of mediocrity. Let me explain, I have many creative friends, with great ideas. They write books, make movies, and organize events. God bless them,  for the hard work they put in, but unfortunately, in their latest go […]

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