And yes, it is Wednesday, and yes, I have blown my deadline. Le Sigh.  But I have been working, but I have also started working with a nutritionist, to help me lose weight, I’ve begun meditating again, and I’ve increased my time at the gym. All good excuses, but I’m going to have be a bit better at the juggling.

Last week in art class we focused again on flowers, this time on day lilies. I took several photos of the bouquet, brought that home and zoomed in on two specific blossoms and then did a value study for each. First up is flower number one, I love the blossom’s petals and the sharp contrast with the dark leaves.

Lilly Study 03

The first sketch came out pretty good.

I tried to keep the lines accurate but light, especially on the petals.
I tried to keep the lines accurate but light, especially on the petals.




I tried adding in the darker values.

lilly study CU darker

It still needs more work.


And instead of really finishing the first one (I know, I know) I started in on the second. Here is the photo:

Lilly Study 01




And I stuck with it a bit longer and worked on the background in order to really bring out the white petals.

lilly study gray

The sketching process itself is getting easier, I still need to work on proportion a bit more, but I’m making progress. And instead of trying to crank out new work for next week, I’m going to spend more time on both of these sketches, along with one we did in class, so you will see more progress next week.

I hope you have enjoyed what I’m trying to do, which is practice, practice, practice. You are welcome to use these images in your blogs, all I ask is that you credit them to Rachel Funk Heller and add a link to this site,  Thanks for stopping by!