Writing Tips

What I’ve learned along the way.

  • My Hawaii… Is Not the Same as the Hawaiians’ Hawaii…

    I figured today would be a good day to start talking about Hawaii, my home state. It is my home in that I was born here, grew up here, moved away, and came back. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, to many places in Europe, to Africa, to other islands in the […]

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  • Separation Anxiety and The Doubt Monster in Houston

    Today I’m getting ready to go off to Story Masters, a workshop billed as “an unprecedented event for writers” (it’s the first time they are trying it out) “featuring THREE masters of writing instruction: James Scott Bell, Christopher Vogler, and Donald Maass! (Exclamation point, theirs). I first heard of the event when it was announced […]

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  • Some “Kids in the Hall” love

    Hi everyone, I thought for fun, I’d post one of my favorite “Kids in the Hall” skits with Scott Thompson as Raj and Mark McKinney as Christine. I always thought Mark was the “prettiest” of all the kids. Enjoy!

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