Writing Tips

What I’ve learned along the way.

  • How Filling out a Form Can Help Perfect Your Novel

    Okay, I know the title has already gotten you going “wha???  Forms?” Yes, forms. Why, because it’s a great way to trick your left brain. You’re looking down the barrel of your next revision and you’d rather pull out your toe nails, right? Instead, tell yourself this, “it’s just a silly one page form, how […]

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  • K. B. Owen’s own Alchemy: “Dangerous and Unseemly”

    It’s Wednesday peeps, and that’s the day we talk about writing and writers. I’m pleased as punch to welcome back our friend K.B. Owen. I am humbled by her greatness and was so thrilled when she asked to stop by Social Alchemy on her blog tour. She has just published her first novel, “Dangerous and […]

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  • Writing Matters: Writer Conference Recordings

    Today’s post is a blatant promo for a dear friend of mine. Many of you know that I have been a writers conference attendee/volunteer for many years. I spent about ten years at the Maui Writers Conference, and have been lucky enough to attend The San Francisco Writers Conference, and Thrillerfest for the last three […]

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