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  • Friday Fun: Gopher Tuna and the Misheard Lyrics of Carmina Burana

    It’s been a wacky week, wrangling volunteers for a local writers conference, but this one came across one of my friends feeds and damn, if it did not have my laughing my head off. I wish you a rollicking weekend, filled with fun, and to get it started…. This is from the world famous “Carmina […]

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  • It’s Friday, That Must Mean More Nonsense From Me

    Hello hellacious cats and kittens, it’s the end of the working week for most, time to wind down and consider: What do  Huge Laurie, the Worst Album Covers of All Time, and Julia Child, all have in common? Nothing really, but you can find them all here. Enjoy! (WARNING, the Worst Album Covers of All […]

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