Hello Beautiful Blogosherians! I have some great news to report. You all may remember back in January, I conducted a personal experiment by challenging myself to write 8,000 words a day in ten days to write a first draft of my novel. I hit the wall on day six, and had about 50,000 words to work with. In the nine months since then, I have taken that big hunk of words, broken it into sections, using Scrivener, massaged it, re-wrote it, re-dreamed it, and as of today, I have 87,243 words. This version is finished!

This version, yes, now I have to export it out of Scrivener into Word, and in that process it will get another once over, then it will go to my lovely beta readers for their input and once they find all my mistakes, there will be another round of corrections. It feels like a never-ending process, so when there are big milestones, like today, I like to take a break and celebrate!

As it turns out, tomorrow happens to be the Autumnal Equinox, and I love celebrating the cooler days, and here in Hawaii it is the signal for the rainy season, and my parched yard is very thirsty and looking forward to some much needed rain. It is one of the two days in the year when the length of the day and the night are equal.

Which got my little brain thinking, what would be a great way to celebrate the day, and my accomplishment? Normally, I would go and buy myself a nice reward, like a brownie, or a hot fudge sundae, or a ginormous Cinnamon roll. But since I have given up sugar and wheat based carbs, those choices are off the list. What I have come up with is odd, but then, I am. It is a clip from the movie “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.” What, what, why? you ask? I will tell you. I love this scene with Gary Oldman playing Rosencrantz and Tim Roth as Guildenstern, playing a game of “questions” (1990 Written & Directed by the amazing Tom Stoppard).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS9WSec4RXQ%5D

Yes, fun with words, what a better way to celebrate the completion of a new draft. Have a great weekend all, and thank you so much for stopping by.