Yes, it has been one of those weeks. So fueled on two nights of sleep deprivation (mom hit her emergency, “I’ve fallen on the floor and can’t get up” button two nights in a row, and unfortunately, one of those nights she had fallen, poor thing) and cold medicine (read: iced lady grey tea and a package of Pepperidge chocolate covered cookies) I give you the video mash-up of the week.
Lucky for me I have a wonderful cadre (hey, look ma, I used a big word) of Facebook friends with a range of tastes, you get the following: Super strong pole dancer, highly disciplined, synchronized Japanese cheerleaders, and of course, a giggling baby. But don’t forget the big bonus: a tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes easily and flawlessly. Okay Omar, hit play.

Best Pole Dance in the Northern Hempisphere:

Japanese Cheerleaders will take over the world after you watch this:

Giggling Baby Avec Puupies, courtesy of Louse Behiel

And just for you girls and drag queens, the best advice ever, on how to apply false eyelashes.

Thanks for dropping by and for those of you who have been leaving me comments and it’s taking me so darn long to “approve” them. Your patience is appreciated. You guys are the best, thanks for stopping by. Just know you are out there lurking makes my day.