Month: November 2011

  • My Hawaii… Is Not the Same as the Hawaiians’ Hawaii…

    I figured today would be a good day to start talking about Hawaii, my home state. It is my home in that I was born here, grew up here, moved away, and came back. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, to many places in Europe, to Africa, to other islands in the […]

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  • Making Lemonade As Fast As I F**king can

    Okay, hi-dee-ho, time for another post from the wacky-weirdness of hellafunkadella. Let’s see, we’re working on moving mom into a nursing home! There’s a happy topic? Actually, not so good. How about the news that some old CNN friends being laid off? One after working at the network for 25 YEARS! Ick. No fun there. […]

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  • Why We Need to Talk about Death and Dying

    Cheerful topic, Yes? No? Halloween is really over. Some of you might have heard but I had some sudden news; that while I was in Houston, basking in the glow of Story Masters and the font of all knowledge, back in San Diego my dear half-sister Patty, died. She had been dealing with cancer for […]

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