• Gr8tful4: That My New Chair Found Me

    Okay, so last Monday, I was lamenting the failure of my chair. How it failed to keep my fat ass suspended in space at the proper level, that I might get some work done. And how my inability to work, sent me to my bookshelf and re-read a favorite poem by Pablo Neruda. Well this […]

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  • The Care Giving Saga Continues — With our Furry Familiars

    Forgive me dear readers for being a most ungracious blogger, I’ve been long over due for a post, but we’ve had a lot on our hands. I’m sure some of you are aware of the situation with my mother, she suffers from Parkinsons and we moved her to a residential care home earlier this year. […]

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  • Trust: the most important tool in the writer’s pencil case

    Trust. Don’t trust me, trust yourself. Many of my writer pals are gearing up for National Vomit on the Page Month. Sorry, that is my snarky way of describing NaNoWriMo – National Write a Novel Month. The goal is to write every day during the month of November and by the end of the month […]

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