• A Drawing a Day: Week Six

    I think I’m getting into the swing of things. Our topic this week in drawing class: flowers. We were supposed to bring a flower and a vase and of course I forgot mine. Luckily a class mate offered to let me look at her set-up and I was depressed to see Daisies. It’s not that […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week Five

    More contour drawings. In our drawing class our instructor paired us off and we were to do blind contour drawings of each other. What?! Portraits? I’ve never had the guts to try and draw another person’s face, or even my own for that matter. Way too intimidating. But here was my chance to try. We […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week Three

    And like all ambitious plans, everything fell apart this week. I had to get ready to attend a writers workshop along with other commitments for events I’m working on (stay tuned) and I got sick on Monday when I planed to put all of this together. But, I was able to finish my bubble painting/colored […]

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