• A Drawing a Day: Okay Maybe Not

    Okay, so it’s week 25 and as you can see I have completely missed about a month’s worth of work. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I am okay with that. I realize I’d been coming up with excuse after excuse for not meeting my self imposed deadline and therein lies the rub. I […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week Ten with a Happier Tooth

    Hey everyone, I am happy to report that the lonely, painful tooth is feeling all better thanks to all the various therapies applied including dental, massage, and laser lights. But what a toll it took on my energy and enthusiasm. I will say I took the time to relax and I gave my body the […]

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  • A Drawing a Day: Week 4

    Back on track. This week I started a new semester of my drawing class. Our homework was to do as many contour drawings as possible. So I looked around the house and the garden for various subjects including a potted plant, a vine, and an outdoor chair.   Then I had some time in the […]

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