Month: September 2013

  • How Filling out a Form Can Help Perfect Your Novel

    Okay, I know the title has already gotten you going “wha???  Forms?” Yes, forms. Why, because it’s a great way to trick your left brain. You’re looking down the barrel of your next revision and you’d rather pull out your toe nails, right? Instead, tell yourself this, “it’s just a silly one page form, how […]

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  • Learning to See by Learning to Draw

    After spending several months focusing on revising my novel, I figured I needed a break. As luck would have it, I completed my revisions in time to take advantage of the Honolulu Museum of  Art School’s fall semester. I’ve signed up for a Drawing class. I know, what on earth does drawing have to do […]

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  • Lunch at the Lo’i: An afternoon in a Hawaiian valley

    I should just start every blog post with the words, “I am such a lucky girl,” and it is so true, regarding the day I got to spend as part of the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, called “Fish & Poi: Lunch at the Lo’i” for my mainland friends, a  “lo’i” is a taro patch, […]

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