Month: February 2012

  • 8,000 Words-a-Day Follow Up: Attack of the Doubt Malingerers

    First off, I had so many wonderful words of congratulations when I posted about chunking out 8,000 words a day. I figured it was time for a follow up. What do you do with the 50,000 mass-o-words? Well, I got out my big notebook and I drew out a plot sequence, a massive visual outline, […]

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  • Of Queens, Jewels, Brave Straight Actors, and Fun with Belle

    Hi Peeps, Can you believe it is February already? On this Groundhogs day (work with me on this one) I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite Queens. Don’t ask why, it’s something for us princesses to strive for.  As I am feverishly beating my new novel into shape, I thought I’d gift you all […]

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