Hi All!

Man, I hate to keep sounding like a downer, but we just had to have the talk with my mom about moving her into an Retirement home. Yippeee… Truth is, she realized the time had come and with hugs and tears between her, me and my husband, I’m sure we will all muddle through. So, I am telling all of you right now, as soon as I start peeing my pants and forgetting what day it is, park me in the Caviar and Champagne Rest Home and call it a day.

And because I hate feeling sorry for myself, I dug up another favorite quote, this from Aldous Huxley, puts it all in perspective. And playing in the photoshop sandbox always makes me feel better.  Enjoy!

Mr. Huxley kicks some serious butt

Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing your comments, even though it takes me some time to get to them, time zones and all. All my best wishes go out to you this day.